Yorkshire Wedding Photography 2018

I’m always going to remember 2018 as the year my little Yorkshire¬†wedding photography business really started to spread it’s wings.¬† I am truly grateful for all of the incredible couples and other wedding suppliers that I’ve gotten to work with and learn from this year. I’m going to keep this review short but sweet, so here goes!

My furthest away wedding!

In March I had the pleasure of traveling all the way down to Devon, for Sarah and Tom’s wedding. From my home city of York, this was a seven hour drive. This is by far the longest I have traveled to cover a wedding to date! Me and Emma drove through snow in York, fog in South Yorkshire, and torrential rain in the Midlands. We were treated to glorious sunshine in Somerset, before squeezing our car between 6 foot snowdrifts in Devon. Sarah and Tom picked the most incredible venue (and some beautiful food!). Despite the rain, they had a beautiful wedding day that will always hold a place in my heart.

Not just wedding photography in Yorkshire – a destination wedding?!

In 7 hours, I could travel to many places in Europe, which brings me to my next exciting point. Next year i’m shooting my first ever destination wedding, in the Loire Valley in France! I have always loved to travel, so this is an absolute dream for me. I hope this is the first of many weddings around the world that I have the privilege of covering. I’m so excited! But of course, i’m a Yorkshire wedding photographer at heart. So i’m just as excited for all of my lovely local couples’ weddings too!


I didn’t set myself any business targets for this year, because I simply didn’t know what was going to happen! This time last year, I had been working full time for about 1 1/2 months, after a year off. The start of 2018 saw me truly learning to juggle a full time job with running a business. This year, I’ve found that balance, and built a solid foundation for my Yorkshire wedding photography business for the future.

What about 2019?

Finally, a quick word on a topic that is very personal and close to my heart. Writing this review so late in the year has given me the opportunity to read a lot of other photographer’s end of year reviews. This year has been a rough year for many of my colleagues. That is a gross understatement. Many have struggled with their health, both physical and mental. They have lost loved ones. They have striven to achieve balance in their lives – spending time with their partner, families and friends. But sometimes they struggled not to burn themselves out. My closing message is to my fellow photographers, but may apply to you too.

Look after yourself, please. You are loyal to your career, an inspiration to others, and damn good at what you do. But please, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make time away from your work. Look after your mental health. Take time away from your desk and spend it with those that you love. Go for walks in the fresh air, see the sun rise & set, hold hands on the beach. Spend those little moments with your partner. Don’t forget your friends and family either. Go for a drink, grab some lunch, or just give them a call and ask how they are.

Here’s to 2019, and all of the wonderful things it will hopefully bring! I can’t wait to work with my 2019 couples, on your engagement shoots and weddings. And why not get in touch if you’re still looking for wedding photography in Yorkshire or further afield?!


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