Hi! I’m Stewart (but you can call me Stew or Stewie!) and I’m a photographer based in York, in the UK. I specialise in documentary style wedding photography, but I also work as a portrait, commercial and landscape photographer. I absolutely love travelling, so I’m more than happy to travel across the UK and further afield to take photos!
As a wedding photographer, I am of course drawn to love! Proposals, engagements, weddings and anniversaries are so incredibly rewarding to photograph. Everybody deserves beautiful images to celebrate their love and commitment to another soul. While at University in Sheffield, I taught myself how to operate a camera and compose an image, with the sole purpose of conveying memories and emotion. At the time it was the triumph of a day’s exploration, conquering a peak. But I started to work with people to capture their memories, their emotion, and their love.
But in all aspects of my work, whether that is weddings, portraits, commercial or landscapes, I strive for one thing – to produce beautiful images that evoke emotions and bring back memories. For me, that is the whole reason I take photos. If an image of a sunrise over a valley reminds someone of childhood walks with their parents, or if a snap of a newlywed couple’s first kiss brings a tear to the eye of the bride, then that makes me immensely happy. This, and everybody I have the pleasure of meeting along the way, make this one of the best jobs in the world.

When I’m not taking photos, I love spending time in the great outdoors – walking, exploring and reconnecting with nature. I’m forever listening to music (from all genres!), everything from electronica to jazz and swing. In my spare time, I play video games, and enjoy anything with an in-depth story. I’ve been a creative since childhood, and I love art, but cannot paint to save my life! So I enjoy sketching – mainly animals and other objects from the natural world. I also enjoy reading, and should make more time for it!
I love meeting new people, and my friends would describe me as a friendly and easy going Yorkshire lad. If you’ve taken a shine to me and my work, and you’re looking for a photographer, it would be an absolute pleasure to hear from you!