A little more about me

I'm Stewart (not "Stuart"!) and I live with my fiance in a small village between York and Harrogate. Having been a townie all my life, our move to the country has been incredible. I love being outdoors, whether it's exploring, or gardening - so it's been a dream to have so much nature on our doorstep! Our favourite place is the Lake District, and of course God's own country - but we also get serious wanderlust!

I love animals, but i'm 100% a dog person! I'm a proud dog dad to the sweetest (and most bitey!) little fluff ball, so dogs at weddings are a huge added bonus for me!

Here's a few little fun facts about me! I love food - everything from street food to a good old-fashioned Sunday Roast (with proper Yorkshire Puddings of course!). I can also cook & bake, and i'm pretty creative in the kitchen. I cook a lot of pasta and make a bloody good Carbonara! I'm a huge Marvel fan (Team Iron Man!), and love reading comics. I also love illustration and have a small indie comic collection that i'm currently growing! I've been into video games for as long as I can remember, starting way back with an original black & white Game Boy! I'm really into games with a good story I can get lost in.

I'm a strong advocate for positive mental health. I carry this over into my business in my pledge to be a mindful wedding photographer. I am proudly an individual, and creative in my own way. I also believe in a good work/life balance, so you won't find me on Instagram every day. I take time off between work, so i'm at my best when I work with you! In that spirit, I will always 100% support couples to break with traditions & conformity. Have your wedding your way!

I wasn't always a wedding photographer...

I used to be a Scientist! My love for the outdoors meant that the first time I picked up a camera, it was to make memories of some of the beautiful landscapes I was visiting. I was studying in Sheffield at the time to become a Microbiologist, but found myself spending all my free time in the Peak District, exploring and taking photos!

It didn't take long to let out my creative side, and before I knew it, I assisted at my first ever wedding! I'm now four years into this crazy journey of building my own business, and I can't quite believe that people pay me to hang out with them and take photos for a living! Although running your own business is is tough at times, photographing weddings and people in love just makes me ridiculously happy!

There's just something about weddings

that I absolutely adore. I'm a romantic, and having the opportunity to see and be a part of so many love stories makes this the best job in the world. I've never really been fussed about the technical side of photography (it reminds me too much of lab work!), but what gets me out of bed in the morning is simply how incredible and unique each wedding is.

Weddings are ridiculously good fun - the best day and party of most people's lives! It's also a day when so many stories come together. Two families become one big family, and a couple's story which has become intertwined over the years culminates in such a special day, before you start a whole new story together.

I'm so very lucky

to work with such a range of fun, amazing and unique couples, who've all done their wedding day their way! And while every couple is different, I love that I always something in common with each and every one of them. A shared love of travel, music, food, films, art and so much more. I get to see all of the planning, distant relatives, friends from around the world, childhood stories, inside jokes and so much love all come together in one incredible day. The fact that it's my job to document that makes me feel truly lucky, from the bottom of my heart!

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"Stewart was absolutely amazing from start to finish, and we can’t recommend him enough. Throughout the lead up to the wedding I knew I could message him with any questions or ideas I had, and he was always happy to help. He was brilliant even amongst the chaos of 5 bridesmaids and a stressed out bride on the morning, and did an amazing job at keeping us calm, as well as capturing beautiful photos!"

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