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Bold, Creative & Natural Wedding Photography

Congratulations! You've found someone as awesome & amazing as you are and you're getting married! I'm Stewart, a Yorkshire wedding photographer, based in the beautiful city of York. I'll be totally honest - being a wedding photographer is awesome! It's such a privilege to meeting amazing couples and help them have their dream wedding. I specialise in natural wedding photography - showcasing the real moments from your wedding day.

Natural documentary wedding photo of bridal party with white umbrellas in the rain. Natural Wedding Photography York

I'm a proud Yorkshireman, so I love local couples and Yorkshire weddings. But I also have a serious case of wanderlust, maybe because of my Mediterranean roots! So wherever you're getting married, I'll follow! So far I've shot weddings as far away as Devon, and traveled to Wales and Scotland too! My bucket list for dream weddings includes the Scottish Highlands, Iceland and the Mediterranean! But honestly I love weddings wherever they are. Whether you're getting married in my home city of York, or eloping to a sun-drenched island, bring along this friendly Yorkshireman to get awesome photos!

Bride and groom laughing in natural wedding photo, on wooden staircase with stained-glass windows at The Hawkhills wedding venue. Natural Wedding Photography York

I'm a landscape photographer in my spare time, so I'm obsessed with beautiful landscapes and wild places! I love being outdoors, which is a huge inspiration for my wedding photography, and I enjoy nothing more than going on mini adventures with awesome couples. Having grown up in a city, I also have an appreciation for cityscapes and architecture! So I absolutely adore cool urban weddings. Check out my Wedding Photography Gallery for lots dreamy wedding inspiration!

Outdoors engagement photo with bride and groom stood in front of mountains and lakes, in the Lake District, UK

Hi I'm Stewart!

You're going to be spending one of the biggest days of your life with me! So I think it's super important for my couples to know as much as possible about their photographer! I'm a super friendly Yorkshire lad that loves to chat about all-sorts! I always end up as an honorary member of the wedding party by the end of the night. I get on with pretty much everyone, but you'll be my best buddy if you love food, dogs or Marvel! I'm a huge nerd and my super power is definitely administration! I help lots of couples help plan different parts of their wedding day. Whether it's the schedule, or finding trusted wedding suppliers. I've always got ideas and suggestions to make your wedding day even more awesome!

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Why Choose Natural Wedding Photography?

Natural Wedding Photography is the most faithful representation of your wedding day. I totally understand and appreciate all of the effort that goes into planning your big day. The little details and wedding favours you've stressed over. The hilarious running jokes. The friends from Australia who you haven't seen for a year. Your adorable grandparents who helped raise you. Bringing together two families to celebrate your love. All of these things make your wedding one of a kind. For me, the only way to truly document a wedding day is with natural wedding photography. Capturing real reactions - laughter, tears, hugs, awkward dad dancing and all!

Wedding portrait of couple dancing next to York Minster | Natural Wedding Photography York